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Expectations: To show up, try my suggestions, and work hard during their lessons. I love it when my students practice, but I don’t require it. I realize that my students have different musical goals and practice accordingly.


Practicing: Everyone learns faster if they practice. However, I will not nag anyone about practicing. If you come to your lesson every week and try my suggestions, you will learn to make music. Becoming a musician is not a race!


How long to practice: Start small. Especially for young children, five or ten minutes at a time is enough. A good rule of thumb is to play a piece three times. Try playing technique one day and your piece at another session. More experienced players may try playing through the entire lesson at each practice session. Be sure to follow the practice strategies from your lesson.


Cancelations: 24 hours notice is required. With this notice, a lesson can be rescheduled. Otherwise, it must be paid for. In case of illness, or other emergencies, let me know as soon as possible and we will reschedule. Rescheduled lessons may need to be made up on Saturdays or in the evenings.  Please don't skip lessons because you havent practiced! 

Summer: I encourage my students to continue their lessons through the summer, to avoid losing the results of their hard work.  Allowances are made for family vacations and summer camps.  Even a few lessons during the break can make a difference.   Especially for children, the school vacation can provide the opportunity for deeper musical study.   Some band and orchestra students take lessons only during summer, to get individual attention and maintain progress during the school break.


Instruments: I recommend renting band and orchestra instruments at first. Violinists, check with a local music store to be sure that you have the proper size.  Pianists, a basic electronic keyboard is acceptable for beginning students, but advancing students need an acoustic or higher-end electronic piano.  Recorder students, plastic recorders from a music store (not a toy store) are great for starting out.  


Notebook: Each student will need a notebook to record assignments and practicing tips. Local music stores have books that are specifically designed for lesson assignments, but it's possible to use a simple spiral bound notebook, as well. 


Holidays: Lessons during holidays are by arrangement. Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, MLK Day, Midwinter Break, Spring Break, and Memorial Day. 


Recitals: We will have two recitals during the school year, in January and May, and one in August. Adults who hate to perform are encouraged to come and listen, even if you choose not to play or sing.




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