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Beth is really patient. She explains things slowly.   – Student, age 8.


When she picks out the music, it is music that I like… I think that other people [should] be taught by Beth, because she adapts to everyone's needs… I am mildly autistic. – Student, age 11


My lessons helped me move up a chair in school! I am able to work specifically on school music and improve my grade.  I was able to schedule my lesson the day before test day so I could do well.  -- Middle school student


I think I'm getting the most out of my lessons with Beth because she has such a patient and gentle attitude; I don't feel stressed or rushed when I'm having my lesson. The thing I like most about Beth’s teaching is the innovative way she can make a particularly difficult passage, crystal clear with just a few pointers. -- High-school student.


I began studying with Beth to be a role model for my child…  I always feel nurtured and appreciated even if I don’t manage to practice.  -- Adult student and parent.


I know that no matter what is blocking my music at any moment, Beth recognizes not only what it is, but also several ways to unlock it…I am 38, have had a head injury, and am successfully learning piano thanks to Beth Mead.  – Adult student and parent


As an adult student, I’ve really appreciated Beth’s willingness to work with my schedule. The family-friendly waiting room has also been a big plus… Beth is sensitive to the fact that each student has their own learning style and approaches music practice differently. As Beth's student, you never feel like a round peg in a square hole. – Adult student

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