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Music is beautiful, sad, uplifting, exhilarating, exciting, calming, fun, moving, and much more. Studying music is engrossing, challenging, relaxing, frustrating, lonely, community building, renewing, and much more. I believe that everyone should have this experience.


I offer students challenging and rewarding musical experiences in a compassionate and nurturing environment. Because music is both art and craft, technical study is the backbone of each lesson. I rely on a wide selection of materials with a variety of approaches to technical development which I carefully choose for each student. The technique is the tool for musical expression. Students choose their literature from a variety of musical genres, depending on their individual goals and preferences. Classical, popular, folk, jazz, or religious music are all possibilities.


My individualized teaching strategies include carefully choosing the literature to match each student's technical level and musical desires. In addition, I break challenging passages into smaller maneagable chunks; and use manipulaitves to illustrate elements of music theory. All of this is done with a patient, persistent, and kind approach. 

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